Request for Proposals

What is ŶǮ’s Request for Proposal (RFP) Service?

ŶǮ’s Request for Proposal Service links the professional service requirements of ŶǮ members – for example, incorporation, sourcing, trade mark registration (), employment contracts, tax structuring, event management etc - to the offerings of ŶǮ’s professional service provider members (“vendors”) – for example, legal firms, taxation advisers, consultants, event management specialists etc.

Benefits to those seeking professional services
  • Helps identify suitable vendors through a like-for-like comparison of relevant experience and fees
  • Enables a vendor decision to be reached through a simple, efficient selection process
  • Leverages the competitive nature of the vendor selection process to facilitate the best deal
  • Places control of the entire vendor selection process with the client, and sets the selection rules up front
  • Generates a “short list” of a small number of potential vendors for evaluation
  • Builds partnerships with vendors

How does the RFP Service Work?
ŶǮ members complete a questionnaire which outlines their specific requirements and specifies any pre-qualifications. This information is then incorporated into ŶǮ’s RFP Pack, which is sent to relevant ŶǮ service provider members (“vendors”) for consideration. Vendors are requested to submit their proposals and quotations directly to the ŶǮ member in a specified format and within a specified time frame. ŶǮ’s involvement is to provide initial advice to the ŶǮ member relating to the business issues surrounding the request and to also help with the drafting and timely distribution of the RFP Pack. Decisions on short-listing and final selection of the service provider are taken solely by the ŶǮ member.

How much does the Service Cost?
The RFP Service is free to ŶǮ Members. Contact ŶǮ about this service at enquiries@cbbc.org

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